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Constitution of Rho Rho Rho at the University of Miami

Article I. Name
      This organization shall be named Rho Rho Rho at the University of Miami.

Article II. Statement of Purpose
      Section 1. Guiding Principles
           The purpose of Rho Rho Rho is to recognize scholarship in Marine and Atmospheric sciences. Also, to promote awareness and aid in the preservation of marine and terrestrial environments.
      Section 2. Objectives
           The objectives of Rho Rho Rho shall be to be a resource to undergraduate students in, but not limited to the following ways:
                - through a peer counseling, and tutoring program
                - learning field trip to learn about local marine environments
                - guided explorations of research currently underway at the University of Miami
                - bring awareness of volunteer, job, scholarship, and internship opportunities
                - guest speakers
                - socials

Article III. Responsibility
      Section 1. Rho Rho Rho shall comply with all University of Miami policies and procedures, including but not limited to those policies set forth in the student rights and responsibilities handbook, the student organizations handbook, as well as local, state, and federal laws.

Article IV. Membership
      Section 1. General Membership
           A. Membership of Rho Rho Rho shall be open to all University of Miami students in good academic standing, who have paid their student activity fee. Rho Rho Rho shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, handicap, age, sexual orientation or political and religious affiliation in any of its policies, procedures or practices. Non voting memberships may be extended to interested faculty, administrators, staff members, and alumni of the university.
           B. Active membership in Rho Rho Rho is defined as those students who have paid membership dues, and demonstrate dedication and service to the Marine and Atmospheric Sciences.
                a. Gold membership is defined as those students who have attained a GPA between 3.2 and 4.0 and have completed 30 college credits after high school graduation, with half of them completed at the University of Miami.
                b. Silver membership is defined as those students who have attained a GPA between 2.8 and 3.199 and have completed 30 college credits after high school graduation, with half of them completed at the University of Miami.
           C. Benefits of Active membership include the right to vote
      Section 2. Officers
           A. Duties of Officers include but are not limited to the following:
                a. President – to facilitate meetings, and act as the liaison between the organization and its Advisor. Also in charge of tapping new members.
                b. Vice President – act as a liaison between Rho Rho Rho and any other organization, both on campus and off. Also in charge of overseeing any special projects.
                c. Secretary – To keep all minutes at meetings, to maintain contact with active members, to keep reports on file of GPA and membership status of all members.
                d. Treasurer – To handle all monetary and financial transactions, including dues, financial reports, SAFAC budget requests, and keeping record books.
                e. OPC - the Officer of Peer Counseling will be in charge of Peer Counselor recruitment and selection, as well as all other duties pertaining to the Peer Counseling program provided by the Marine and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Miami.
                f. Web Master: the web master will be in charge of updating and maintaining the web site.
                g. Freshman Officer: this is a general officer position who will help out where needed and be a voice for the freshman members.
           B. Eligibility Requirements
                To be eligible for an Officer position, active status is required as well as a semester of active participation within Rho Rho Rho.
           C. Length of Term
                Length of term for the term of office shall extend one year from the time of installation.
           D. Installation
                Installation of new Officers will occur in the spring as           to leave sufficient time for new officer training by outgoing officers.
           E. Vacancies
                If a vacancy occurs in the position of President, that position will be filled by the Vice President and all other vacancies will be filled by the order of Presidential succession. However, if Secretary and Treasurer wish to remain in their current places, then a new Vice President will be elected via the election procedures outlined in Article V.
           F. Removal of Officers
                Section 1. Petition
                     Two-thirds (2/3) of the Officers must agree or two-thirds (2/3) of active members must sign a petition to ask for impeachment.
                Section 2. Process
                     Active members, the Officers, Advisor, and Officer being impeached must be notified at least two (2) weeks in advance of the impeachment hearing. The impeachment hearing must occur while classes are in session.
                Section 3. Hearings
                     The moderator of the impeachment hearing will be the Advisor. Thee-fourths (3/4) of active members must be present in order for the impeachment hearing to begin. Each side will be given the opportunity to present their case, and the active members may ask questions. A two-thirds (2/3) vote of active members present is needed for impeachment.

Article V. Elections
      Section 1. Timeline
           Elections will be held in the spring semester at least two weeks prior to the COSO organization reregistration deadline.
      Section 2. Procedures
           Facilitation: The election will be run together by Officers not running in the election. If all Officers are running for re-election, the election will be run by the Advisor.
           Eligibility: Only active members are eligible for nomination.
           Nominations: Recommendations will be made by the Officers before the floor is open to further nominations. Self nomination is prohibited.
           Voting: All members of Rho Rho Rho may vote. If a member cannot be present at the meeting in which voting will occur, a vote may be submitted to the Secretary via email prior to the election. Voting will occur by ballot. The facilitator(s) of the election will count the ballots and reveal the winner before the meetings end. The winner is determined by a majority of votes. A quorum of two-thirds (2/3) active members is needed to vote.

Article VI. Advisor
      The Advisor of Rho Rho Rho shall be a full time faculty, administrator, or staff member at the University of Miami.

Article VII. Meetings
      Section 1. General Meetings
           General member meetings will be held weekly as long as long as classes are in session.
      Section 2. Officers
                Officer meetings will be held prior to general member meetings as needed.
      Section 3. Special Meetings
                Special meetings will be held on an as need basis at the discretion of the President or Advisor.

Article VIII. Discipline
      Section 1. Reasons
           Reasons that require disciplinary action include: slandering the name of Rho Rho Rho, dropping below the GPA requirement for types of membership, or failure to pay dues, breaking the University of Miami Honor Code, or breaking any University policies or procedures as outlined in the Student Rights and Responsibility Handbook.
      Section 2. Process
           All reasons for disciplinary action require the calling of a special meeting, in which the Officers, Advisor and the person in question will discuss the matter at hand.
      Section 3. Consequences
           Slandering: warning with a probationary period, as to be decided by the Officers and Advisor. If the probationary period is broken, or the same offense is repeated at any time, any member is subject to permanent suspension from Rho Rho Rho.
           GPA: If any member’s GPA drops below the required GPA for their type of membership, that member will demoted to the type of membership in which their GPA falls. Members will be asked to turn in their pins corresponding to any change in their academic status.
           Breaking the Honor code: Immediate dismissal from Rho Rho Rho.
           Breaking UM Policies: Immediate dismissal

Article IX. Amendments to the Constitution
      Section 1. Submission
           Amendments to this constitution shall be submitted to Rho Rho Rho in writing for submission to the active members for a vote.
      Section 2. Vote
           A vote of two-thirds (2/3) active members is needed for the adoption of any amendment.
      Section 3. Final Approval
           Amendments must be presented to the Committee on Student Organizations for approval prior to implementation.

Article X. Dissolution of the Organization
      Section 1. Process
           Rho Rho Rho may be dissolved after dissolution is approved by the Officers and by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) active members, provided that a notice of the vote on dissolution is furnished to all active members at least sixty (60) days prior to the vote.
      Section 2. Obligations
           Upon dissolution, the Officers will utilize assets of the organization to pay all obligations and expenses of the organization.
      Section 3. Approval
           Notice of dissolution must be presented in writing to the Committee on Student Organizations.